At MusickDen, the quality craftsmanship behind our integrated systems is defined by the conception, design, and delivery of seamless yet comprehensive systems that are intuitive to operate. Intelligent Design is not just the beginning of a project but flows throughout. Like the construction of your yacht or residence assembled from parts large and small yet each as integral to the overall functionality we choose vendors and equipment for their reputation and performance, and pride ourselves in such subtle details as carefully chosen connectors and meticulously secured and labeled infrastructure and cabling.

Discovery & Design
Our Philosophy at MusickDen is, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This first phase of any project is the most crucial and will lay the groundwork for our clients overall satisfaction. At this stage we require our clients to spend time with our design staff to provide their input on their desires and needs for their system. We then spend the necessary time on site and in office to create design documentation that will be the roadmap to the systems completion and our greatest form of communication between all of the projects collaborators.


At this phase the hands on work begins from the initial system prewire to the installation of the equipment. This phase is driven by the design and engineering accomplished with our clients input to ensure a continuous workflow and cohesive systems implementation. This phase is usually dissected into sub phase’s dependant on the complexity of the project. These sub phases include Prewire, Rough-In, Trim, Finish, and Programming.


Delivery and Support
We understand that the most important part of customer satisfaction is the ease of use and understanding of how the system is to be operated. Our staff will spend the time necessary to answer all of your questions and train you on the operation of the system. At this stage we will guarantee your satisfaction and hand you the keys to your new system. Rest assured that we will always be there to answer any question and address any service issues you may have in the future. Our customer service and support is world class and ensures your future satisfaction and guarantees our future business.


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Mon – Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: Closed

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